Test Results

test_vials2Please telephone the practice after 14:00 Monday to Friday on Option 4. It is the patient’s responsibility to contact the practice for all test results as further tests or appointments may be required. 

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.


All samples must be brought in to the surgery by 12:00


When Contacting for Results

Please use the information provided below when contacting the surgery for your results.  You should be told which tests you have had done at your appointment.

Please allow the following number of days for your tests to come back before phoning.


Microbiology                                           Virology                                          Biochemistry

Urine & MSSU   3 days                    Rubella                  10 days                        CRP                    3 days

Faeces/ FOB     5 days                    Hep B status         10 days                         U & E's                3 days

Sputum             3 days                                                                                  LFT'S                  3 days

Swab                3 days                            Immunology                      Glucose              3 days

HVS                 5 days                      H-pylori                  14 days                     Lipids                 3 days

Chlamydia        3 days                      Autoantibody          14 days                     Thyroid               3 days

                                                      RAST                      14 days                     Hormones           3 days

Able                                           Thyroid Antibodies    14 days                     PSA                    3 days

Urine                1 day                      Coeliac                    14 days                     Calcium              3 days

Swabs              2 days                                                                                   Carbamazepine    5 days

faces                3 days                              Haematology                      Lithium               5 days

                                                         FBC                     3 days                       Phenytoin           5 days

                                                         ESR                     3 days                      INR                    3 days

                                                         Ferritin                  3 days                     OGTT                  3 days

                                                         B12                      3 days                      HbA1C               3 days

                                                         Folate                   3 days

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