Moray Mental Health & Wellness Centre will be hosting their July Programme via Zoom Video on Tuesday 21st July please see following link for more information.

Health & Wellness Programme

******Coronavirus Update******

If you have any worries about money during this uncertain time please have a look at the leaflet below.

Coronavirus Money Worries


Coronavirus is highly infectious; it can be spread by droplet and mist inhalation. This means you can pick it up by simply talking to someone.


There is a very good self help guide for Coronavirus available on the NHSinform website please read this now, even if you are well:           

Coronavirus is highly infectious, there is no cure and unless its progress is halted it will overwhelm the NHS.

In order to protect the most vulnerable in our community we are all responsible for maintaining social distance.

***********Coronavirus or Covid-19 Information***********

Should I be going to hospital if I feel unwell? Not without prior assessment - please follow the simple guide:

As always - if you have critical medical emergency, call 999.

If it's not an emergency;

1. If you have mild symptoms or are looking for information then please visit - if you can't find the answer all the special helpline on 0800 028 2816.

2. If you have Covid-19 symptoms and feel you cannot manage home - call NHS 24 on 111.

3. For all other non-Covid-19 health matter - call your own GP practice.

************ Isolation Note************

Please use the below service if you have been told to stay at home because of Coronavirus/Covid-19 and you need a note for your employer.

*********Other Coronavirus Information*********

There is a very good self help guide for Coronavirus available on the NHSinform website and I would encourage everyone to read this now even if you are well:

The situation is moving forward rapidly and we will endeavour to post an update frequently on our facebook page and website.

************SHINGLES VACCINE***********

Please following the link to find out about the Shingles Vaccine which is now available


GP Appointments

Patients are advised to telephone at the duty team times (8.30 - 9am & 1.30 - 2pm) to speak with our duty team for all GP appointments.

To maximise our valuable and limited resources, it is essential that patients cancel any appointments (doctor/nurse) that they no longer require or are unable to attend


Useful Information and Leaflets  

For more information on the 'Ready for Winter' campaign visit the website:

Which provides useful information to encourage everyone to ensure they're ready for winter and the severe weather it may bing

Useful information beforeattending your appointments

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Information Sheet  (OGTT) 

Spirometry Testing Information Sheet



Information on different types of excercises for aches and pains back_pain.jpg

Information on Back Pain


Ankle Pain Excercise Sheet   

Elbow Pain Excercise Book


Knee Pain Excercise Sheet


Neck Pain Excercise Sheet


Osteoarthritis Excercise Sheet


Plantar Fasciitis Excercise Sheet


Shoulder Pain Excercise Sheet




sleep.jpgInformation and tips on controlling on Anger and Sleep

Information on Controlling Anger


Tips For Better Sleep



  Information on Cytology Screening

Information on cytology screening can be found on the following link:

 Information on Carer Support Service

Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray) offers local support, along with access to advice and information to meet your needs and help you cope with your caring responsibilities, regardless of your age or circumstances.

Visit our website for information about how we can help, or contact us by phone, email or drop-in to our office any weekday morning. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray)

44 High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BU

Tel: 01343 556031        



British Lung Foundation : Breathlessness

What to do if you often get out of breath? 

Getting out of breath when you push yourself is healthy and normal. But sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious. Take our online breath test to see if you should get checked out.

Visit:   or Call: 03000 030 555 (mon-fri 9am-5pm)


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